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ARC2015 Asia-Pacific Conference Topics Announced


The ARC2015 Asia-Pacific Conference is certain to be another fantastic event focused on tackling pressing issues in the airline retail industry. The conference will be held from 9-11 February 2015 in Hong Kong and will cover topics such … [Continue reading]

New fashion platform at the central plaza of Copenhagen Airport


[Sponsored story] Nytorv, the central plaza of Copenhagen Airport's Terminal 2, has gone through an extensive refurbishment and is now ready to welcome the many travellers at the airport. The brand new Nytorv offers a sharp combination of … [Continue reading]

Priority Pass Millennials Are High Flyers


Priority Pass has released the results of a recent survey, where over 1500 members were asked about their flying habits. An emerging global class of frequent flyers has surfaced amongst the 26-35 year old demographic, dubbed “conspicuous consumers”, … [Continue reading]

Nuance Joins Fight Against Breast Cancer


Nuance has joined The Estée Lauder Companies' support of the Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) campaign. Nuance will be promoting awareness of the BCA campaign at Zurich and Cardiff airports throughout the month of October, which is internationally … [Continue reading]

Ray-Ban Introduces New Spring Summer 2015 Line


Ray-Ban’s Spring Summer 2015 line is its most innovative yet. The brand has introduced new materials and technology to their designs in order to update their iconic models, and introduce new styles. New technology has been the inspiration behind … [Continue reading]