INCC creates exclusive fragrance range for Asian shoppers

INCC Mercedes Benz Club Blue

The INCC Mercedes-Benz Club Blue line is tailored specifically for Asian shoppers

A focus on the Asian shopper is a common trait in the travel retail market today. Perfume brand INCC has taken the opportunity seriously with a line released exclusively for Asian travellers.

The Mercedes-Benz Club Blue line has already launched in Korea and a roll-out is currently underway in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The range is also set to arrive in the key Chinese and Japanese markets in the near future.

INCC Parfums key account manager Gabrielle Salzgeber said: “The idea was to have something made specifically for the Asian shoppers.

“It was a request from the regional team to have something special.

She added: “It is important we work with and for our partners. We need to have something that is appropriate for their market. It can help build additional growth in those countries.”

The new line has been been tailored to meet the requirements of the Asian shoppers, with a smaller 25ml option avaiable to suit the preferences of shoppers in the north of Asia.

In order to capture the imagination of the digital-focussed Asian shoppers, INCC has reached out to bloggers and influencers to promote the new line. Despite carrying the Mercedes-Benz brand, Salzgeber says they are moving slightly away from the car and to a more lifestyle outlook to promote Club Blue.

The Select line also debuted in Singapore

Asian showcase

The Club Blue line was on show at last week’s TFWA Asia Pacific Conference and Exhibition in Singapore, alongside INCC’s Mercedes-Benz Select. This range was released last month and takes

the bottle design back to a more classic look. Much like its Club Blue cousin, the Select has been the beneficiary of an influencer campaign in the Asian market, following its release in Korea and Taiwan, alongside Israel, Germany and the US.

Salzgeber told Frontier: “The first results have been great.”